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When can I live and work in Eko Atlantic?

One of the questions we get a lot is, “When will Eko Atlantic be ready?”
Well, the answer is: Today!


In 2016, Eko Pearl Towers, the first completed residential building in Eko Atlantic City was unveiled. Residents immediately began moving in, becoming the first people to live in Eko Atlantic. Soon after that, the Alpha 1 tower in the Marina District opened its doors becoming the first office tower in Eko Atlantic to host businesses.

Eko Pearl Towers
Alpha One Tower

Other ongoing developments

Other ongoing developments being built in Eko Atlantic city include the Eko Energy Estate, Azuri Peninsula, Arkland’s A & A Towers, and Sky Tower Residences.

Eko Energy Estate Development
Eko Energy Estate
October 29th, 2018.Lagos, Nigeria.A view of apartments towers on the Eko Atlantic is situated on 10 million square meters of land reclaimed from the ocean and protected by an 8.5-kilometer long seawall.
Azuri Peninsula
Arkland’s A & A Towers
Lagos Sky Towers project
Sky Tower Residences

So, if the question is, when will people start living and working in Eko Atlantic? Then the answer is that is already happening.

As you can see there are already so many towers undergoing construction in Eko Atlantic City. We know cities are always growing and evolving, Lagos is no different. Dubai is not complete, it is still a work in progress. New York is not complete, there are new buildings springing up every day.

There are no complete cities, only evolving ones.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about Eko Atlantic? Let us know in the comment section below.

All development in the Eko Atlantic City are registered at the Eko Atlantic Sales Office, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos.